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Shanghai Shigan’s New Website Is Live Today!

Dear Customer:


In order to better serve our customers, we can understand our company's product overview more conveniently and quickly. After a period of careful design and production, the website was officially launched on 2021.9.10!


This website construction adheres to the "user-centered" concept and aims to further enhance the user experience.

(1) In terms of content

Added "Customer Support", "After-sales Service" and "Common Questions" columns to help customers understand our products and services more comprehensively; "Checkweigher Solutions" and "Metal Detector Solutions" columns, to provide customers with video It shows the actual use cases of our company's products, which is simple and intuitive.

(2) Layout

The main functional modules and content of the website are carefully planned and laid out, which are mainly divided into "home", "digital metal detector", "checkweigher system", "customer solutions", "service support", "news", The eight functional modules of "About Us" and "Contact" make it easy for users to identify and locate to meet their needs in the first time.

(3) Design aspect

The website adopts a new design visual style, with light yellow and dark gray as the main colors, which is calm and atmospheric. The key information on the homepage is displayed, and the navigation links at all levels are humanized, which can guide customers well and provide users with a better visual and browsing experience.

I hope that this carefully designed and typeset website will bring convenience to everyone and better help customers understand the product and the strength of our company! For more exciting content, please continue to pay attention to our website!

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