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What Are The Main Problems That The Automatic Checkweigher Can Solve?

Automatic checkweigher as known as weight sorting checkweigher,dynamic check weigher,weight checker,weighing scale, and etc,.

The automatic checkweigher is a checkweighing equipment on the production line. It is widely used in automated production lines in many fields. It can monitor the quality requirements of products weighing up to the standard, bringing a lot of convenience to production enterprises. Widely welcomed by various industries. So what are the main problems that the checkweigher can solve?


1. Final inspection of product weight to ensure product quality

At the end of the production process, the weight of the product is re-inspected, and the unqualified products are eliminated to ensure that the weight of the products out of the factory meets the requirements. This helps ensure the interests of both consumers and production companies. Consumers will not suffer losses due to lack of catastrophe, and manufacturers will not suffer reputation damage due to customer complaints or even complaints.


2. Feedback control

In addition to providing the weight signal of the product, the automatic checkweigher can also output a feedback signal to the packaging filling equipment according to the difference between the average weight and the nominal weight, and automatically adjust the average weight to make it consistent with the set weight. , Thereby reducing production costs.

3. Check for missing products

For products with small packages in a large package, such as a beverage box, and a large bag with multiple small bags of products, due to equipment or personnel factors, the product will be missing. Using a checkweigher to check the weight of a large package can ensure that there will be no missing products in the large package. For example, there are 24 bottles of beverages per box, and the normal weight of each box is fixed. Check the weight of each box to find out whether there is any leakage.

4. Sort by column

Automatic classification of products with uneven weight. For example, if the manufacturer of split chicken wants to divide chicken legs of different sizes into several weight ranges, they can use checkweighing to automatically weigh each chicken wing, and send the weight signal to the PLC. The PLC drives the corresponding pusher according to the set range. The board sends the chicken wings to the corresponding box to complete the purpose of automatic classification.

5. Increase productivity and save labor costs

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