Automatic Checkweigher

Automatic Checkweigher Inline Weight Inspection Machine Check Weigher for Small Business

Our automatic checkweigher specializes in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of in-line, production weighing and weight control equipment. Versatility is our strength, our inline checkweigher system can fit almost every package, bag, carton, box and bottle. Standard models offer the fastest delivery in the industry.

Hardware Accessories Mini Checkweigher Automatic Check Weighing Scale Small Packaging Efficient Weight Checker

The automatic checkweigher is a high-speed and precise automatic online weight inspection device used to check whether the weight of products on the conveyor belt meets the set target weight tolerance, and can also automatically reject products that are lighter or overweight. The small packaging checkweigher has high accuracy and stability, and can be integrated into various packaging assembly line terminals and conveying systems.

High Speed Automatic Checkweigher for Tablet Capsules High Sensitivity Checkw Weigher System Pharmaceutical Factory

The automatic checkweigher for tablet capsules adopts a high-precision digital weighing sensing system, with high-speed digital filtering processing and automatic zero tracking function to ensure high speed and accuracy. The pharmaceutical check weigher system is easy to integrate into the user assembly line, with production data reporting function, quick understanding of production status, and data storage, output and printing function.

Drink Single Bottle Check Weighing Machine Checkweigher Price, Dynamic Digital Checkweigher Factory Sale

The bottle check weighing machine adopts a fully automatic test method to avoid human error. The body is made of SUS304 material, the mechanical structure is simple, the equipment is convenient and fast to maintain, and it is easy to clean; the automatic checkweigher weighing tester has unique dynamic weighing anti-interference correction technology, and actual weighing accuracy High, fast weighing speed, strong stability and many other advantages.

800g Box Efficiency Assembly Line Inspection Checkweigher for Industurial

Automatic box checkweigher is a device that can automatically detect whether the weight of the weight is qualified at the high speed of the belt, which can integrate in various packaging assembly line terminals and transportation systems. Checkweigher for industurial is characterized by low cost, judgment, strong versatility, and is suitable for online testing of assembly line packaging products.

Bag Weight Checking Machine Check Weigher Good Quality Automatic Checkweigher Inline Check Weigher

Conveyor belt checkweighers are designed to check that the weight of a single bag meets a preset target weight. If the reject device rejects over or under weight, the acceptable bag will be passed on to the next device. Automatic checkweigher is designed with 304 stainless steel, which has good waterproof and anti-corrosion performance, which helps to strengthen quality control and improve production capacity. It has become a necessary equipment in many industries. It is a new high-tech product integrating conveying, weighing, metering and control.

20kg Large Range Roller Checkweigher for Industrial Automatic Carton Check Weigher with Removal System

Automatic checkweigher for industrial is a machine that performs online weighing for individual packaging products. It is usually used at the middle or end of an assembly line to perform weight testing on semi-finished and finished products. Products that do not meet the set weight (or weight deviation) will be automatically removed. The speed of carton large ranges checkweigher depends on the size of the weighing product and the acceptable range of error (accuracy).

Double Bottle Rotary Weighing Checkweigher System Intelligent Sorting

The bottle rotary weighing checkweigher can detect online whether there are overweight/underweight weight deviation anomalies in packaged products, and can feed back information to filling or packaging equipment; At the same time, the bottle checkweigher system can detect packages such as bags, bags, boxes, cans, bottles, and boxes.

Multi-channel Automatic Checkweigher 4-channel Pill Multifunctional Custom Check Weigher Machine

The multi-channel checkweigher produced and sold by Shanghai Shigan has a variety of styles such as single-channel, dual-channel, four-channel, etc. The automatic checkweigher is also called the rechecker USB data storage interface, which can transfer the report data to the PC for analysis and printing, with high precision Sensors and motors, the high precision and high speed of the automatic checkweigher.

Capsule Tablet Dynamic Checkweigher Customized Automatic Medical Check Weigher

Capsule tablet dynamic checkweigher is an efficient and accurate drug testing equipment, mainly used to check whether the capsule loading meets the regulations to ensure drug quality. The detection accuracy of this automatic medical check weigher is as high as 1 milligram, capable of processing 7200 capsules per hour, improving production efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Cleansing Oil Online Weight Checker Cosmetics Dynamic Automatic Check Weighing Equipment Manufacturer

The online automatic checkweigher was developed by Shanghai Shigan, which has the advantages of high accuracy, fast speed, wide range of application scope, and high production efficiency. This dynamic weight checker machine can be easily embedded in the production line, and the production equipment of the upper and lower packaging lines constitutes an intelligent product production line.

Full-automatic Product Line Weigher Bagger Machine Conveyor Belt Inspection Tray Check Weigher Machine With Rejector

Shanghai Shigan's independent and innovative online weighing control software integrates the full-automatic check weigher into the existing production line, which can not only accurately identify and eliminate unqualified products, but also identify the links where errors occur and give an alarm in time, so as to reduce the product rejection rate from the root cause and avoid product waste. The weight range of the conveyor belt checkweigher with rejector can be set freely. This automatic belt weight sorting scale has various production inspection data report functions, and supports data export and network communication.

Stainless Steel 304 Pharmaceutical Weight Checker Scales Bottles with Capsules and Sachets Check Weigher

Shanghai Shigan's independent innovation online claiming the re -control software will integrate the stainless steel 304 automatic check weigher to the existing production line, which not only accurately identifies and eliminates unqualified products, but also confirms the wrong link and reports to the police in a timely manner. waste. Pharmaceutical capsules weight checker is worth mentioning that the entire detection process of the heavy machine is not worthy, and it is fully automated.

Small Electronic Bag Pouch Checkweigher Dynamic Industrial Weighing Checkweigher Machine System Manufacturer

Small bag pouch checkweigher provide automatic weighing machines and packaging product weighing and testing solutions for industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and daily chemical industries, suitable for missing parts detection, missing packaging detection, and net content unqualified detection; The automatic checkweigher system can automatically remove unqualified products online, comprehensively improving production quality. 

Reagent Bottles Rotating Weighing Checkweigher for Pharmaceutical Price

The automatic bottles checkweigher is a high-precision and high-efficiency weight detection equipment suitable for various production line environments. This rotating weighing checkweigher for pharmaceutical has stable operational performance and can achieve fast and accurate weight detection during dynamic production processes.

Food Belt Conveyor Checkweigher With Printing RS485 Weight Checker Supply Price

The belt conveyor checkweigher adopts a touch screen for simple operation, intuitive display, and supports multiple languages. The checkweigher for food can detect whether the weight of a single product is consistent with the set target, and the sorting device automatically proposes unqualified products to achieve high-speed and stable measurement.

300g Digital Dynamic Glass Bottle Check Weighing Scale Clamping Conveying Electronic Checkweigher

The glass bottle check weighing scale can screen products of different weights alone or can be used together with other automatic assembly line equipment to realize real-time online weighing, and screen and distinguish customer OK and NG products, with a weighing accuracy of ±0.2g, depending on the specific product. The automatic checkweigher can be customized according to customer needs, and the accuracy of some products can reach 0.02g.

Automatic Belt Conveyor Check Weigher Online Check Weigher With Rejector Check Weigher Price

An automatic check weigher is a machine for (in-line) online weighing of single packaged products. It is usually used in the middle or end of the assembly line. It performs weight detection on semi-finished products and finished products. Products that do not meet the set weight (or weight deviation) will be automatically rejected. The speed of a check weigher with rejector system depends on the size of the product being weighed and the acceptable error (accuracy) range.

Small Range High-speed Automatic Weight Sorting Checkweigher Supplier

The online automatic checkweigher is a high-speed, accurate, stable and reliable automatic checkweigher, suitable for detecting, counting and sorting products or processed parts. Weight sorting checkweigher operation is simple and clear, and daily maintenance is convenient.

Conveyor Belt Checkweigher With Pusher Rejector Automatic Check Weigher For Box

The conveyor belt checkweigher can achieve high-speed, high-precision weight detection on high-speed flow production lines, and select products that are too light or too heavy. So as to improve product quality and optimize product flow.At the same time, we can customize the automatic checkweigher according to the different requirements of the user to perfectly solve the dynamic checkweighing problem of the production line.

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